Thursday, October 12, 2017


When I woke up early this morning to hike, the ground was
crusty and frozen.  Welcome, Jack Frost!!
We planned to work in the garden in the afternoon after school 
 to harvest the last of the goods.

We picked out pumpkins, ate the last of the cherry tomatoes, 
and nibbled on the sunflower seeds hidden among the giant wilted flowers.

I asked Oliver to cut the vines on the pumpkins
 (and I knew he would be delighted),
 because just a week earlier, he had saved up and 
bought himself a sweet Bear Grylls knife.
Just like a good 'ole boy, It goes everywhere he goes. 
I think we will wait to carve these pumpkins until later next week 
(and before we head to Utah).  
I'm pretty sure that carving pumpkins will be the
  the highlight of Charlotte's October-
oh, and visiting her best friend, Ada, in Utah, of course.
Along the short walk back from the garden to the ranch house,
 Angus took a dip in the frog pond.  
He was a big muddy mess, and it took me 5 hours
to get the dirt and sticks, and who knows what 
else out of his thick curly hair.
I'm not going to lie; it was a long day.

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