Wednesday, October 18, 2017


The beauty of homeschooling is the ability to spend time together 
doing fun experiments, cooking in the kitchen, taking field trips, and
hands-on learning and studying as a family.
Today we discussed different types of energy and made s'mores
cupcakes to demonstrate heat energy.
We also made baking soda and vinegar bombs outside and discussed chemical energy.  
After school, Nicholas must have spent hours 
making little bombs on the tops of ant hills.
Speaking of energy, whew, I am so tired after we finish up for the day.
I usually take Angus for a walk on a little trail 
behind the ranch house so I can breathe and decompress.  
It's also very nice to be alone for a little while.

I use "The Good And The Beautiful" curriculum for Nicholas and Lottie.
I have been so happy with this experience; the
materials I use are beautifully written and informative.
I especially love that the lessons incorporate God and the Bible-
as they should be.  It's very refreshing.
Claire, Jane, and Ollie are using online BYU Independent study, and they love it.
We start school together in the morning, 
have little breaks together throughout the day, 
eat lunch together, then we finish the day together.  
Of course, there are pros and cons to this setup;
like listening to each other's lessons, 
getting annoyed with each other ("She's reading too loud!"),
 and be tempted to stay in our PJs all day.
Also, there are days that I want to pull my hair out and run away.
Also, a HUGE announcement: 
Claire turns 16 on the October 29th, and today an adorable boy from Utah 
called her and asked her out ON A DATE 
(since we will be in Utah for her special day).  
The best part about this date is that Claire and this cute boy share a birthday,
(they were born in the same hospital, too!).
 They have been friends and neighbors for years.

I just can't believe my little Toadie can date!

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