Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!!!!!!
The holiday that was invented for me--or so I like to think.
I love the weather, I love dressing my children up, 
I love pumpkins, the colors, and the dried leaves on the road
and sidewalks.  I love making chili in pumpkin bread bowls, decorating
the table, and watching spooky movies.
This year is much different because we are kind of homeless.
But I am determined to make it as normal for the Little Nies as possible.  
We'll have our traditional dinner, carve pumpkins (with Grandpa even!),
and bake the seeds with garlic olive oil.
We'll have our photos taken and walk the tree streets 
trick-or-treating with familiar faces.
I am so happy to be in Utah for my favorite holiday,
but I have to confess we are planning Christmas already.
As I type this, Jane is curled up by the fire listening to Bing Crosby sing
his glorious Christmas music.  
I am not stopping her because I am just as excited!

Browse a few Halloweens past:

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