Monday, October 30, 2017


My Claire Elizabeth turned the BIG 16 yesterday!
Can you believe it?  16?!  
After church, our family went for a walk in the golden sunlight 
around my old neighborhood.  
I told Claire all about the day she was born.  
I had so much fun reminiscing with her and remembering the details
 of the night I went into labor, watching scary 
Halloween movies with Mr. Nielson in my hospital bed, 
and finally delivering her early in the morning at first light.
Claire brought me happiness to a new level by making me a mother.
I am forever grateful and honored to be connected with her always.
Tonight after Mr. Nielson made a delicious Sunday dinner,
 I made a chocolate cake with Lottie while the other 
Little Nies played Old Maid in my Mom's living room in front of the fire.

Today we'll take Claire to Sundance for lunch so she can take in the 
glorious Utah autumn, and we can celebrate her 16 beautiful years on earth!
(Claire, you'll get your license soon enough!)

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