Monday, September 04, 2017

Weekend in Utah

Last Thursday we were in the car headed for Utah
for the Labor Day weekend.
Of course it was time to see my family,
 (and see the leaves changing on the mountains!!!),
and we also needed to check on Fox Hill.
The house looks good (thanks to many family members and friends).
Fox Hill is still for sale, and we hope we can sell soon so we can start 
the building process for our new home on the ranch.
On Friday, Mr. Nielson and I drove to a lovely little area in Idaho where 
we picked up our NEW DOG!  
It's been five years since our Jimmy died, 
and since we are living on the ranch where there
 is plenty of space for a dog- (and a big dog at that),
we decided it was time.
About three months ago we bought a Giant Schnauzer from a breeder in Idaho.
And just last week he was ready to be picked up.
He is the cutest little (big) puppy I ever did see!
We named him "Angus" after my great grandfather Angus, 
and because we raise Black Angus cattle on the ranch.
He is adorable and will grow up to be over 100 pounds, 
and will be an excellent cattle dog.  
This breed is protective, hypoallergenic, and very smart.
Can't wait to watch him grow!
The Nies are DYING!!
On Sunday baby Sally, my sister Lucy's baby was blessed 
by her husband Andrew.
The blessing ceremony was at their church meeting house
 and most of my siblings and other family members were in attendance.
Sally was blessed in the same dress my sisters and I were blessed in,
and this dress was made by my Nana Aurora.
All of my girls were blessed in the dress, and hopefully,
my daughters will want their daughters blessed in the dress.
Ahhhh traditions.  I love them!
Later for dinner, we connected with family and enjoyed
delicious food, good company, and ice cream.
After dinner, we all took a lovely evening
stroll in my brother's neighborhood.
I also visited my cousin Mike's little Stephanie who turned five!
What a doll!!

And now, we are headed to Arizona to stay with our favorite Arizona
family; the Joneses for a few days, and attend Dr. Caruso's funeral.
Then at last, we will take Angus to his new home on the ranch.
It's amazing how I feel so peaceful about living on the ranch.
I miss Provo but am very content and happy 
living home on the range where the dear and the antelope play.

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