Friday, December 30, 2011

Jimmy Nielson

I made a very hard decision today.
We put our 11 year old dog Jimmy down.
It was such a heart breaker- still is.
The children took it hard and Mr. Nielson worse.
I am feeling sick.
Jimmy was with Mr. Nielson and I before we were even married.
He lived through 4 pregnancies, 5 moves, and a plane crash for heavens sake!

I keep telling the children, and myself that we will someday see Jimmy again,
we believe that too.
We know he is happy where he is- sniffing the other dogs- my dog growing up, {Chucka,}
brothers and sisters dogs {Chief 1 & 2, Kenna, Joe, Scout, Sofie, Ralph, Duchess, Sig, Andrew's dog (forgot his name), and others. It seriously is comforting to know.

Jimmy is buried up at our lot which will someday house our future.
He will stay close, and we will visit him faithfully.
Tomorrow we will let off balloons where he lays.

There is something to say about a loyal dog.
A dog who bring happiness and joy to a family.
That was Jimmy.
{even if he did eat his own pooh}

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{more Christmas photos tomorrow}