Friday, September 01, 2017

Back to School Feast 2017-2018: Details

We finally did it! We had our 2017-18 Back to School Feast!
I really wanted it to be special and memorable and not rushed!
And yes, it IS true, the Little Nies are
being homeschooled (more on that later!).
Mr. Nielson and I decided on our 2017-18 theme months ago.
It is a quote from a talk by President Thomas S. Monson.
I remember hearing these words come out of his mouth
and knowing that this would be our new family theme,
and it's perfect for where we are in our lives right now.

"Fear not. Be of good cheer. Your future is as bright as your faith."
We are doing some scary things right now.
Living on the ranch, selling our dream home, and 
homeschooling, to name a few, but we will not fear!  
We believe our future is as bright as our faith, and we have faith!

Why is our Nielson family Back to School Feasts such a big deal?
Because I believe in the power of tradition.

It strengthens and binds family relationships.
 I want my children to know they mean more to me than anything else, 
and they deserve this fancy feast that celebrates them!
I want them to know they are worth all the time and energy it took 
(whew, it was a hot one outside, too!) to walk up the hill behind the ranch 
house about 50,000 times with plates, silverware, goblets, candles, 
decorations, food, etc., to make it just perfect for them because
 these children belong to me as gifts from God, and by golly, they deserve it!
Mr. Nielson helped me create two candle chandeliers that
 hung over the dinner table.

I added juniper berry branches, pink roses, Hatch green chilies,
and other wildflowers from the ranch for the top and Mason jars with 
tea lights inside dangling from below.

I hung deer antlers we found on the property on top of the lights.
I ordered gold leaf wreaths on Amazon for our crowns this year
and added elegant silk ribbons to the back. Easy.
(I am grateful to my boys for being cool enough to wear the crowns).

Dinner was authentic New Mexico cuisine: Enchiladas with green sauce,
 cilantro rice, guacamole, salsa, and creamy lime dressing.

I also cut up several different summer fruits into a big bowl, 
and for dessert, we had s'mores bars.
Then it started to blow and rain.
Special thanks to:
The Sweet Tooth Fairy for sending the Nies their favorite treats
(s'mores bars) to the middle of nowhere for our special night!  
(Thanks, Megs!).
Roolee Boutique for picking out the sweetest white dresses 
for my girls to wear.
A Vintage Poster for making our new family theme look sharp and bold.
Stitched for making our family theme into a beautiful 
(cactus-themed blanket!).

Piggy and Dirt for making our beautiful glass stars!
The glass in the stars looks like the gorgeous New Mexico sky, 
and the family theme star looks just like the New Mexico Zia.
And a big thanks to Pinhole Press for the classy framed theme
and notepads for the Little Nies.


Happy Weekend, and Happy September!

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