Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Under the Russian olive tree

Mr. Nielson and I walked with the Little Nies on the foothills behind our home.  
We hiked the trails, we threw rocks, and Lottie found "jewels" all along the way-
(which actually were broken glass shards).
The sun was setting as we talked about what to make for dinner, which then
 turned into what our plans for summer would be.
We sauntered under a Russian olive tree and 
Mr. Nielson reached up and pulled off a twig,
It was full of yellow blossoms that SMELL SO GOOD!
Russian olive trees have always been my favorite, and this time of 
the year they blossom, and then my world smells fantastic.
They will only be in bloom for maybe another week, and then I will have to
 wait for another year to smell heaven again.
I haven't seen any Russian olive trees at the Ranch, so Mr. Nielson promised
 me he would plant a few trees near our home because 
it's just not summer without that smell, and I want to smell that 
for the rest of my life on this earth!

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