Monday, May 29, 2017

Welcome Summer 2017

 Hip, hip, hooray!  School is OUT!!

The last day of school was on Friday, and just like every year we 
watched the school end-of-the-year dance festivities.
Except this year felt much different because 
we won't be back next year, and saying goodbye to this
incredible school, the community, and the teachers were really hard.
 I choked up watching my boys dance for the last time behind
the Wasatch mountains.  
Oliver danced the 6th grade, Maypole, while Nicholas nailed the
4th grade parachute dance.
Change is hard. 
But we can do this; we have each other and the Lord.
He is directing our path, and we have faith that moving to New Mexico is right for us-
even when it seems absolutely nuts!
 Lottie was excited too.

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