Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Ollie: Hope of America

 I can't believe that my little man Oliver graduated from elementary school.
7th grade, HERE HE COMES!
Ollie was awarded the prestigious "Hope of America" award
for being an outstanding boy.
He deserves this.  I can't even begin to share my pride for this little man.  
He has a very bright future, and I am so honored to be his mother and watch him
grow to become a wonderful man,
 (except I don't ever want his voice to change!).

The graduation ends with the traditional Maypole dance.
The Maypole has been a part of the 6th-grade graduation ceremony
for years and years.  I danced it back in 1987.
I took photos of Oliver with his cute friends and best buddies.
(We missed you, William Bingham!).


When Claire and Jane graduated from elementary school,  
Mr. Nielson and I gave the girls a watch we had engraved on the inside.
Since Oliver already has a watch,
we gave him a silver tie clip and engraved it
with a special message from Christian and me.

I mean, seriously, isn't he the cutest boy you've ever seen?

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