Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas 2016 #2

Yesterday, I posted about our Christmas morning.  
Today, I will post about the rest of the day.
After we all got home from church, the Little Nies changed out of their
 Sunday best as quickly as possible and back into their Christmas PJs.  
Mr. Nielson and I took a little mid-afternoon nap because
 somebody(s) went to bed at 2:00 a.m.
After a lovely Christmas nap, Mr. Nielson and I got up to start Christmas dinner.
I planned a menu with traditional Scandinavian foods; 
 pickled cucumber salad, fingerling potatoes, salmon, dill rolls, 
and, of course, Risalamande- rice pudding with cherry sauce.
I told my parents that we were eating at 5:30 and said to them
 that Mr. Nielson would come pick them up since 
I wasn't sure if they felt comfortable driving up our scary death-way (driveway).  
My dad insisted he could do it, so we waited by the window watching for them. 
 Sure enough, they came up the driveway, slid a little, and came to a stop.  
My Mom hopped out of the car and walked up our icy hill.
 I yelled for the boys to run out and hold on to her.
My dad decided to park the car below the house and walk up.
We enjoyed a lovely dinner, and for dessert, 
Jane passed out the rice puddings. 
 Inside one lucky bowl was an almond.  
Whoever gets the almond gets good luck all year.
My dad got the almond, and we all clapped and cheered! 
 After dinner and conversation, it was getting late, so Mr. Nielson
 and I walked my parents down the icy death-way to their car.
 They drove off, and we walked back up to our house, holding 
each other as the snow lightly fell.
What a gorgeous day and an even more magnificent night.
 Then, to end the Christmas night, we all changed
 into our swimming suits to enjoy one 
last Christmas activity--soaking in our new Hot Tub!  Yay!

 Merry Christmas!

I am chatting today.  Come join me!

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