Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas Morning 2016

I've decided to break up my Christmas day into two posts since the day was so full.
We woke up to 7" of snow on Christmas morning.  I know we joke about
 "Christmas miracles", but that seriously was a Christmas miracle! 
The Little Nies woke up at 6:30, walked down the stairs with 
a blanket over their heads 
(since they have to pass through the living room,
where all their gifts are to get to our room).
Mr. Nielson and I left the Little Nies in on our bed while
 we went into the living room to make a cozy fire 
and put on some Christmas music.  

When we gave them the go ahead, The Little Nies ran into the living room 
and began checking out their gifts from Santa.
The rest of the morning we relaxed in the living room 
exchanging gifts and watching the snow fall faster and harder.
Church began at 11:00 for us, so we all went outside and
 made a good family effort in shoveling in Fox Hill driveway.
What a job.  We quickly realized that we were going to be late for church, so
we decided that I would help the Little Nies shower and get dressed while
Mr. Nielson finished up shoveling our long driveway.

We jumped in the car, said a prayer that we'd safety get down the driveway, and
talk about a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE...we got to church on time!
What a gorgeous service we attended.
We sang songs of praise to honor Christ and His birth.
Despite what others have said, I really liked having Christmas fall on a Sunday. 
It was peaceful and worshipful.
I couldn't get enough of the gorgeous snowy scenes 
out my window.