Sunday, December 31, 2006

Act 1 Christmas beginnings

Christmas is over, and it is time for my report.
Christmas in Utah was as magical-just as it was when I was little.
My Mother decorated my old room for the girls; Christmas Madame Alexander dolls
filled the built in shelves in my mothers cape cod home.
There were authentic Norwegian trolls that my dad brought
 home with him from his mission years ago.
In the corner near the window sat a darling little pine tree lit up,
and the bed was covered in cozy red flannel and red candy cane striped pillow cases and I can guarantee you the girls did in fact did have sugarplums dance in their heads.
The whole house was beautiful!
While we were there, my dad made a fire every night, and
Christian made us vanilla soy peppermint hot chocolate.
A favorite night was late one evening after Christian and I put the children to bed,
 we got in the hot tub then after then lay in our bed watching 
the snow fall quietly from the pink sky above.
I will never forget that memory, probably ever.
Oliver got a Ricky Carmichael motorcycle. 
He really loves it.
Santa Claus left the girls beach cruisers. 
Claire got a white one and Jane pink. 
No training wheels for Christians little girls because he
 is bound and determined to teach them to ride without...good luck honey!
 Oliver got a silver bullet cruiser that he likes to tell others not to touch,
 look at, or ride.  And he won't either.  But Nicholas loves it. Kinda.
I gave Christian a watch with barometric somethings or other
(to assist him when he begins his pilots license).
OH there is more, lots more to come...this is just ACT 1 of the Nielson Christmas!