Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Rut

Today after school, the girls helped me gather rocks for our 
Thanksgiving dinner table.
It probably sounds weird, but trust me, it's going to be awesome,
 plus, it's a fun project that we can all do together.
I am counting down the days until Thanksgiving break, when the kids will be
home with me, and we can hang out and do stuff together.
The evening was spectacular!  The weather is amazing!
We have deer and animals scurrying around Fox Hill all the time,
but we have especially loved watching 
the two bucks that prance around the house.
Mr. Nielson says they are in the "rut" and looking for some
lady friends.  They are sure gorgeous creatures.
While the girls and I collected rocks and watched the deer 
(and the amazing sunset),
the boys spent the afternoon working on Ollie's 6th-grade Science project.  
This project includes him shooting different objects with his .22 and recording
his speed, accuracy, and penetration on these different objects.
 It's all very scientific.  
Then he spent the rest of the evening and through dinner with
 his army helmet on.
 Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler weather with a chance of rain/snow.
I am ready, but I have so enjoyed our extended Autumn.

I will be chatting today; please join me!

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