Thursday, November 17, 2016

Growth cannot come by taking the easy way

In the midst of problems, it is nearly impossible to see that the coming
 blessings far outweigh our pain, humiliation, 
or the heartbreak we may be experiencing at the time.
Sometimes we want to have growth without challenges and to develop 
strengths without any struggle. Growth cannot come by taking the easy way.
Not one of our trials we face is beyond our limits, 
because we have access to help from the Lord.  
These are some of my favorite bits from a fabulous talk by Paul V. Johnson.
I have been thinking so much about this topic lately 
as I deal with my pains or hear about others who suffer.  
I cannot imagine my life without the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  
He is the way, the only way.
Sometimes, I take photos while on my daily hike because in every weather
condition, and every season, the trail is beautiful.
I believe that's what my life is like;
beautiful in every condition and every season.  
Sometimes, the trail is wet and slippery, dry with dust, or simply ideal.
But sometimes, the snow is deep, and it's hard to walk in.
 But I keep pushing myself and working through it until I conquer,
grow, and succeed.  

I have the assurance that tomorrow will be bright because 
I believe in something bigger and greater than myself and my circumstances.  
I believe in Christ and His power to heal and save.


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