Friday, November 18, 2016

Chicken Pox

Yesterday, Oliver woke up with red spots all over his body.
I took him to our pediatrician, who diagnosed 
Oliver with a rare case of chicken pox.
Rare because even though he was vaccinated, he still contracted the virus.
There was a brief period in my life when I was anti-immunization.
Let's just call this my "hippie" stage.
It was the same time that I only bought organic foods
and never let my children have sugar.  
(I think I have balanced that stage in my life now).

I am so grateful to have immunizations available to protect my
 children and the health of our community.
After Ollie's diagnosis, my doctor told me to bring in the other 
children who were not up to date with their shots since 
the virus is very contagious.
Nicholas was not up to date, and Charlotte was eligible for her
second round. 
I checked Nicholas out of school as fast as I could, 
and raced back to the office.
The last thing I want is three children with chicken pox for Thanksgiving.
It took about three of us to hold Nicholas down to give him his shot.
He hates needles, and he also hates being held down.
He hates anything that has to do with the hospital.
It was a doozy morning for all involved.
After, we picked up sushi for lunch and a treat for good behavior (I guess).
We came home, put on our PJs, and watched Star Wars in the living room.
Getting a good start to the weekend.

I realize immunizations are personal, and my 
opinions may not be the same as yours.
This is what works for my family, and I respect what works for yours.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Spiritual Enlightenment: All Things Work Together for Good.

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