Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Dead Battery

This morning, after a lovely hike, I came home and did the usual; 
taxied kids to school, picked up breakfast dishes, 
vacuumed floors, made beds, etc etc etc.  
After I got out of the shower, I felt like Wesley in 
The Princess Bride, you know, the part where The Albino monk is sucking 
away Wesley's life and energy from him with that crazy wooden machine?
Well, that was me. 
My hands really hurt, and my body was so achy it even hurt to 
put lotion on my skin.  I was drained.
I went into my closet to get dressed and 
must have sat on my closet floor for about
 40 minutes before I finally got up.

Mondays are my errand days, and I need energy and strength on this
day more than any other day of the week, you know?
I went to the kitchen to grab my purse and keys
then turned around and marched myself back into my closet 
where I changed into some very casual (borderline pajamas) clothes.

Then I went downstairs to my garage with Lottie and strapped her in her
  car seat sat in my seat, turned on the ignition, and my car battery was dead.
Then I woefully remembered that over the weekend
I had let Oliver and Gigs and a few cousins pretend my car was 
a spaceship, and they were astronauts.
They had left my keys in the ignition, draining the battery.
It was fitting for the day. 
I felt exactly like the car: drained.
With the help of Mr. Nielson,
the car battery was changed, I got myself to the store, 
 picked up the Little Nies from school(s),
helped with homework, made dinner, held family home evening, 
and then I called it a night.  

Mr. Nielson finished up the evening strong 
making shakes with the Little Nies, doing the bedtime routine
including prayers while I retired to my bed.
(So glad we have each other!).

I hope my battery is charged and ready to go tomorrow. 

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