Monday, November 14, 2016

November Goings-on

Utah has had unseasonably warm weather and 
I've sent the little Nies to school without jackets-- which is very unusual.
It's weird and feels like I am living in Arizona again.
But looking at our weather forecast, 
it looks like our winter weather is on its way! 
 Yay! I am SO ready!
 My brother Jesse and I have decided to both host Thanksgiving dinner 
and split our family up between our homes.
 (To keep the chaos down, remember I come from a family of nine!).
It's been really fun preparing my 
dinner and dessert menu.
I picked out the most gorgeous light fixtures to go over my
 dining room table, and they came just in time for our Thanksgiving dinner! 
Mr. Nielson spent the weekend installing and adjusting them 
(I will post about them soon).
Cotopaxi sent me one of their newest sweaters.  
Let me just say this is no ordinary sweater.
I love it for so many reasons. First, it has a fabulous tailored fit,
which feels and looks nice. I love the mesh back and the soft wool.  
Also, it's unisex and will look equally good on you as your significant other.
 Remember, I said: probably.
Also, over the weekend, my brother Jesse bought our hot tub
 and on Saturday morning, I awoke to the voices of several of my brothers
(and others), moving all 850 pounds of it from our backyard
 to one of the 50 trucks in my driveway.
I had to film/photograph it. 
And just for the record, I didn't hear one swear word in the commotion.
And lastly, our Sabbath day was beautiful!  
It should be noted that the primary program was held today in church.  
The Primary Program is when all the children ages 3-12 in the congregation 
prepare, sing, and speak the entire meeting.
It's incredible listening to the four-year-olds
 share their experiences and love 
for Jesus in the loud microphone. Wowza!
My kids were adorable (Lottie waved hysterically to me 
from the choir seats the entire meeting), 
and my boys confidently sang. I was proud.
Sundays are my favorite days of the week because the day is packed
 with God, family, reflection, peace, rest, quiet, and home.
Sundays give me hope for Monday and the days that follow.  

Now get your MONDAY on.

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