Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Hello, one and all! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!
I took some time off last week to enjoy my family, 
plus my computer broke. BOOOOOOO.
I know what I need to ask Santa for.

Nielson family Thanksgiving 2016 was beautiful.
I really enjoy planning, preparing, decorating, 
and cooking for our Thanksgiving day.
Mr. Nielson and I have kind of created a new tradition; the day before 
Thanksgiving, he takes the kids for most of the day, so 
I can set up tables, decorate, 
and clean while listening to loud music.
So he took the kids to a movie; 
It was a win-win for all involved!
And honestly, what is better than popcorn and Junior Mints- in the same bite?
The kids saw Moana and loved it!
Lottie might have a new favorite princess!

This year, for the table centerpieces, 
I dipped the old mini pumpkins I had left over from Halloween
in three different colors of paint.  
(Mr. Nielson and I stayed up way too late dipping and drying those babies,
but I think they turned out pretty classy!).

Thanksgiving morning, Mr. Nielson took Ollie and Gigs to play in the annual
Turkey Bowl. He told me that the players had dedicated the game to Topher,
who sat cozy in his wheelchair and watched.
This year, the girls and I opted out of going to the traditional Turkey Bowl,
instead we stayed home snuggled in my bed, watching the parade on TV,
and eating peppermint popcorn-which was also pretty memorable.
Our dinner guests arrived around 5:00.
Andrew cooked and cut the turkey. I heard it was delicious!
After lingering around the dinner table after our feast,
we had a little program,
I had asked each family to come prepared with a particular 
scripture that had meant something to their family this year.
Hearing each of us testify of Christ, His Atonement, the power of forgiveness,
what we were thankful for, and faithful stories about our ancestors
really brought a beautiful spirit into our home this year.
We had been physically and spiritually fed, and I hope to continue 
that tradition on for years to come.
We ended the evening with pumpkin and lemon pie and so many
treats, your head would spin.
Lucy and her family slept over (like last year...another new tradition!), 
the younger kids watched Christmas movies, and we stayed 
up late laughing, eating more pie, and drinking Dr. Pepper (of course).
Ok, ok,'s time for Christmas. 

 Mr. Nielson has mastered them there taters!  

-Blast from the past: Thanksgiving 2014

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