Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Mighty Girls

Tonight before bed, Lottie and I picked up her bedroom.
There were about fifteen baby dolls on the floor.  
I noticed most of them had newborn baby diapers
 wrapped around their tiny bodies.
As I picked them up, she told me exactly where
she wanted each doll to sleep for the night.  
Then she jumped into her little wooden bed, digging 
deep in the covers; her little
semi-wet-fresh-out-of-the-tub-hair was the only thing I could see. 
Next to her was Ariel, her soft mermaid doll.
"Lottie," I said, "You will be such a kind mama!
Look at all these lucky baby dollies!"
I got close to her little face and asked her what she was most 
excited about when she's a mommy, and she said to me:
"My own house and the babies to be real."
I hope my girls enjoy and thrive in Motherhood.
I hope they see their work as eternal in nature and fulfilling.
I hope they marry a good man who will 
support them in this role.
And I want them to know that Motherhood will be the greatest work
they will ever do, and their influence on their children's
lives will far exceed anyone else's.

My girls are smart, passionate, creative, and brave.
They have endless potential, and I know through God,
 great things will come of them, and they will be 
mighty instruments in His hands.

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