Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Spicing things up

It's always nice to have creative friends like my Brittany (House of Lars),
because last week she sent me some gorgeous wrapping paper in the mail.  
I was so excited and did what I do best: use things NOT for their original purpose.
I decided to spice up my spice cupboards (get it?) 
and use the wrapping paper to cover
 the small cabinets' insides that sit right above my oven.
The whole project was easy, and look how colorful and Scandinavian that is! 

This winter, I just need to add some little candles around the
 stove to bring on my inner Hygge!
(I LOVE HYGGE Season!).
Now I am looking around at every nook and cranny in Fox Hill
to find what else I can cover or upgrade with fun paper.

Also, FYI:  if you are into Scandinavian culture, check out this beautiful book by 
My girls pick out a few projects to do together over Christmas break.

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