Monday, December 01, 2014

A perfect Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was perfect.
I mean it, it was really perfect.
Here are the photos from the big day:
Setting up the day before Thanksgiving day was a smart move.
Thanksgiving morning, brings the annual Turkey Bowl. 
My family has held a "Turkey Bowl" since before I was born.
This is where all of my siblings and their children, and cousins, 
and close family friends play football.
Some of the kids are really into it, some really don't care.
(I have some very competitive family members though).
Mr. Nielson and I decided to hold a "polar plunge" at Fox Hill after the game.
A large precession of cars went from the park nearby, to my home where a 
bunch of crazies stripped down into their undies 
and jumped into our 30-something-degree pool.
Lucky for all of us, our hot tub was waiting in the wings for the brave souls.
Unlucky for us, the hot tub was disgusting after and had to 
promptly be drained, scrubbed, and bleached. 
Fox Hill still is without any kind of landscaping, 
so the dirt and weeds were horrific.
After, I put my girls to work, 20 pounds of potatoes 
needed to be peeled along with 
30 pounds of carrots.  These girls were fabulous helpers
 until they started to fight over the peeler. 
 That was awesome.
I ended up having to send Jane to her room, 
and Claire went outside for a few minutes to cool off.
That was awesome too.
Dinner was at 5:00.
When family started showing up, the sunset was amazing.
My dad and mom brought the turkey, and Mr. Nielson and I made a 
variety of yummy vegetable dishes,
 and other families contributed to the feast with some other delicious dishes.
 Then we feasted!!
 I had my family members write on paper leafs  
(which Ollie, Nicholas and Jane spent hours cutting out),
what they were thankful for and tape them to the huge poster in the kitchen.  
After dinner, I read them all aloud.  Some brought tears to my eyes, and some were so funny.  
Jesus Christ was the number one person we were all thankful for.
After our little program, I brought out the pie.
 Pumpkin caramel! Apple!! Raspberry!!! Peach!!!! and chocolate!!!!!
I think Thanksgiving at Fox Hill was a success.  
Lucy and Andrew helped Mr. Nielson and I clean up the mess.
Then they stayed the night.
We put kids to bed, put on our jammies, stoked up the fire and watched 
a movie, after-which Mr. Nielson and I fell asleep after the first 10 minutes.
We honk-shooed for the rest of the night.
I swear we are 100 years old, already.
The next day we piled everyone in the car to eat lunch at a
wonderful local Mexican restaurant El Azteca for lunch.  
I needed to get out of my house and really, who am I kidding, I can't live 
without Mexian food for more than 2 days.
Lottie binged on the cinnamon chips.

I am thankful for a wonderful amazing husband.
I am thankful for good families who support and love me.
I am thankful for five healthy children.
I am thankful for my health.
I am thankful for prayer.
I am thankful for God and His son Jesus Christ.
I am thankful for YOU!
* * * * * * * * *
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