Thursday, October 06, 2016


Today, my Nicholas Jones Nielson (Gigs) turns TEN!!!!
Mr. Nielson and I both agree that think 
Nicholas was born in the wrong decade.  
He should have been born in the late 50's. 
He really belongs there- with my Dad.
They'd probably be best friends and pal around 
Provo's foothills catch bugs, throwing rocks, napping in the tall 
grass, and sending stick boats down the city gutters.
They would drink root beer from glass bottles, 
chase cats around the neighborhood,
and only come home when the dinner bell rang.
They would read comic books, wear Converse high-tops, 
and share the flattop haircut style.
Instead, he came to me because I needed him as my boy.
He reminds me of innocence, childhood, happiness, and slowing down.
Nicholas is the sweetest boy that ever there was.
He would never hurt a fly- seriously, Nicholas loves insects.  
He finds bugs and bees, crickets, and tarantulas so effortlessly.
Or perhaps they find him because they know they will be safe in his 
gentle little 10-year-old hands.

Happy Birthday Jonesy, I love you so much!
Birth story HERE

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