Friday, October 07, 2016

A Birthday For Gigs

(October 2009.  Nicholas on his 3rd birthday)

Nicholas made two requests on his birthday:
 1. Stay home from school with Oliver so they can play 
Legos all day long...which they did.
2. Eat Toaster Strudels for breakfast ( I added sprinkles).

A birthday dream come true.

As per tradition on October 6th, (Nicholas's birthday), 
we're going to a movie.
 That certainly made the movie more fun. Plus, we brought blankets!
This year, my Mom and Dad joined us for the evening, which I was  
 so grateful for since Mr. Nielson had been at the ranch all week.
(Having him back this weekend will be so good!).

On my Instagram feed, I posted a photo of Gigs with his
 birthday cake (from the Sweet Tooth Fairy), and I asked readers to write a 
favorite memory or why they love Nicholas. 
 It's been so fun to read notes from loved ones and even strangers
share why they love my Gigs.

@jkliondy: "I don't know him but love the story of how he bonded 
with you again after the accident. Chickie, I think??
I was thinking of that earlier today, actually."

@jkindly: "My favorite thing is the story of how Gigs made his way back to you
after the accident. Beautiful."

@morganclarkkk: "He's so funny!"

@lucymarionbeesley: "He lets me kiss his cheeks every time I see him
even though he hates it. He used to cuddle up with me and watch the Grinch,
he used to call me momma, he makes me so happy because I
feel his tender sweet spirit. I love him so much!!!"

@rara._.23: "He is always very sweet and never forgets to say
hello to me in the hall"

I love you, my Nicholas Jones Nielson!

Happy Weekend!
* * * * * * * 
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