Wednesday, October 07, 2015

A very good day.

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Today was all about Gigs.

Nicholas got the 'Nielson Birthday Breakfast'  which consisted of pancakes, 
fresh whipped cream (that I dyed orange), strawberries, maple syrup 
and of course, of course sprinkles and a candle on top!
Mr. Nielson, Lottie and I picked up the boys and Clane 30 minutes
 before school let out and we took them to a movie.
I am pretty sure that we were the only ones in the whole theater complex!
We had the entire theater to ourselves.  
It was especially fantastic becuase when Lottie got restless she
could run around and up and down the stairs and not bother a soul.
After the movie, Nicholas suggested that he wanted to go to the park and play 
"Lord of the Rings" among the trees.   
That means he runs around the park pretending that Orcs are chasing him 
and he is shooting arrows from his pretend bow and arrow strapped to his back.
So we drove to our favorite park near our home.
Mr. Nielson and I sat down in the cool grass and 
watched the Little Nies play together.  
We both commented on how sweet our children are.
Then we were quickly interrupted by Lottie who needed to "peep."  
"Peep" is poop and pee mixed together, which means she needed to go 
number 1 and 2.
It was decided that I would take her home in the car,
and the others would walk home along the trails. 
It was a perfect, and they all came home over the hill behind the Fox Hill 
just in time for dinner.
After dinner we played with Nicholas's new birthday games and Lego's
 on our dinning room rug for an hour before I had to sadly 
bring us all back to reality and in the shower for bed.
I went to bed feeling happy, so very, very happy.
This is what life is about.  Family and traditions.