Monday, October 17, 2016

Homecoming 2016

I grew up just across the street from BYU campus, which means 
I basically grew up in BYU-land.  It also means I bleed blue and am 
a cougar through and through (not THAT kind of cougar-).
Anyway, BYU homecoming is one of our favorite weekends.
We take the children to the morning parade, and the 
kids go home with about 50 pounds of candy.

The parade is a tradition that I hope never dies.  
It was part of my childhood and is part of my children's childhood now, too.  
Happy Monday!!
Fall break begins this week for us, and it's the deer hunt.

Super fun week around our house.

* * * * *
A BIG thank you for all your wonderful e-mails and 
sweet notes of love and support!
I am so thankful for you all.  I just wanted to say that!

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