Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Q & A in Idaho

Last week, Mr. Nielson and I packed up the car
 and drove the Little Nies to Idaho,
What an honor that was!
The president of the university, Clark Gilbert, and his beautiful wife
(and mother of eight) Kristine,
had us for dinner, and our children connected instantly- especially their
youngest daughter Claire with Lottie.
After dinner, we spent the evening with about
100 selected students for a Q & A. These kids are amazing!
They are smart, genuine, and good---sooo good!
They asked us excellent questions about dating/courtship, marriage, life,
the airplane crash, and family.
 Of course, Mr. Nielson and I testified of the miracles
we've witnessed and our love and devotion to the Savior.
We got back to the hotel way past Lottie's bedtime,
so naturally, she collapsed in the elevator.

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