Friday, October 14, 2016

Beauty for Ashes BYU-I

While making dinner tonight, I realized I needed a few
more ingredients.  I slipped out the door to run to the grocery store
and left the Little Nies busy doing homework and other things (making messes).
Then, I found myself driving to Jane's middle school.
I pulled up to the front of the school and stopped.
Then I looked around and laughed out loud
when I realized I had driven there on auto-pilot.
Remember I needed to go to the STORE?
My mind was obviously somewhere else.
Then I texted Mr. Nielson, still parked in front of the school
 and told him I was officially going crazy.
He said reassuring things to me to make me feel better;
like, he had done the same thing a couple times before (yeah, right).
I still think I am going crazy.

Have a wonderful weekend!
For Spiritual Enlightenment this week, enjoy this snippet
of my address, I gave to the BYU-Idaho student body on Tuesday:

To read more about my talk, go HERE

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