Thursday, October 13, 2016

GRAND Tetons

This morning, I woke up and saw this out my window:
Gorgeous, beautiful, breathtaking AUTUMN!
What gorgeous surroundings at the Snow King Resort where we are staying,
and I am serious when I say I could live in Autumn for the rest of my days.
I am convinced that Stephanie Aurora Nielson's heaven will be 
Autumn all the time...(I hope you are down with that Christian).
We took a photo this morning on our balcony, and after about 50 attempts, 
this is the best we could do.  Lottie is killing Ollie, Mr. Nielson's jacket 
makes everyone look neon, and I have sweet hair.
Breakfast at Persephone Bakery (thanks, President Gilbert, for the suggestion!).  
The day couldn't have been more beautiful and clear.  
The sky was so blue, which made the fall colors so vibrant.  
Dear God, thank you for this beautiful world!
One more photo in Jackson Square and then on the road.
On our way, we pulled off on the side of the road
 to take a picture of the Grand Tetons:
And then we took a family photo in front 
of these majestic, breathtaking mountains:
Again, dear God, thank you for our beautiful world!
After taking pictures, we watched a ginormous buffalo cross the road.
It was amazing!  I kind of freaked out a little bit, and then we said
"Tatanka" the rest of the day.

Then we hiked around and talked about what it would be
 like if horses were our only transportation
and we only had buffalo meat for dinner.
(We talk about awesome things like that when we are together).
What a beautiful, beautiful day!

Mr. Nielson was such a champ to drive us around safely.
(Oh, you charming man, you!)

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