Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Sometimes The Little Nies get to come.

(Warming up before my talk...with the Little Nies
in the empty auditorium.)

Yesterday I addressed the amazing students at BYU-Idaho.
When I get back to Fox Hill, I will write more about the day, 
the people I met, and the message I gave.  
Sometimes The Little Nies get to come with us when I speak, and 
honestly, that's the best.
They are so lucky to meet such incredible people
and see so many beautiful places. 
(You can hear my talk HERE)
(Lottie and cute Tori backstage in the green room watching me on TV).

Now we are in Jackson Hole, Wyoming staying at the beautiful Snow King Resort
It's gorgeous and being here in Autumn is breathtaking.
Last night we had a lovely dinner at Haydens Post where we 
ordered oodles of delicious food and then fell sound 
asleep in our cozy hotel room.  Perfect ending to a wonderful day.

"At first I stubbornly thought that the only thing that would make
 me happy was for life to look like it did before the accident.  
But no one could give that to me, and no one else could make me happy.  
Happiness was my choice, and with the Savior and lots of faith firmly
 planted in His Atonement, my life could and would be happy and fulfilling again. 
We must rely on the Savior and His healing power."

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