Monday, July 25, 2016

Summer on the Ranch Day 1

When we rolled to the ranch late Saturday afternoon,
the clouds had begun to form in big dark clumps. 
 The sky was majestic- and loud. 
 Lottie's eyes would light up every time the thunder roared, 
and my heart was very, very happy. 
When we got to the ranch house,
Lottie climbed up on her bed and read stories while I went
 outside on the balcony to take in the glory of the ranch after dusk.
I watched our cows grazing the blonde grass just outside the gate.
I slept well that night.
Sunday, we woke up and attended church in town. 
 It was a wonderful service, with wonderful people. 
After church, we piled into the car and drove to
 the Zuni mountains, where we stopped for a picnic.
When we got home, Mr. Nielson and I took a nap on the bed upstairs
with the windows wide open.
Outside, we listened to the Little Nies
 playing pioneers and screaming every time the thunder boomed.

Oh, and yes, I am working on another paint-by-number.
It's a ranch tradition for me!

"Look, Mom! Jeremy is giving Jeremy 
(Lottie named both frogs Jeremy) 
a piggyback ride!!"
(NO animals were hurt in the hands of Lottie.)

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