Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Summer on the Ranch Day 2

Early this morning, before the ranch house awoke, Mr. Nielson and I
 slipped out the front door and into the pastures.  
We have a workout routine that we developed some years back together...
It's like cross-fit, but way cooler.  
We sprint from telephone pole to telephone pole, do push-ups on the
 salt-lick tubs, and squats up against the water tank. 
On our run home, we came across the cows- or the "ladies,"
 (as Christian calls them) at the water hole.  
They are fascinated with us, and I am equally as fascinated with them.  
They came up to us, smelled us, and licked our salty skin.  
After we ate, showered, and returned home, we assisted 
Boss in filling up the water hole. Today and tomorrow, 
additional Nielson cousins are expected to arrive, and the water hole
 will provide a refreshing refuge from the New Mexico heat.
We also loaded Big Red, the ranch truck, and let Claire and Jane
 take turns driving her on the dusty ranch roads.  

The boys sat in the back with their pistols, ready to shoot prairie dogs.
The days are slow up here, and time moves like molasses.  
Then Mr. Nielson saddled up Ol Bae, and we all took turns riding him
under the stormy sky.
Then I got really hot and had to go inside and lie
 on my bed near the fan on full blast.
Paint by number day 2:
 Moving right along!

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