Friday, July 22, 2016

Friends by the Fire

Last weekend, my darling friend Katie invited my little
 family to her cabin in the woods of Heber Valley, Utah.
It was a beautiful evening.

And just when it couldn't get better, it totally did because 
Mary (Katie's sister-in-law)
 brought out a delicious tray of goodness to make smores.
Charlotte immediately took to Katie, who has four 
adorable children of her own, and pregnant.

Katie was kind enough to let Lottie sit on her lap and chat her ear off. 
She then spoke to Claire like a big sister while offering 
good advice to my soon-to-be-freshman!

Katie is an amazing friend with a big big heart, and
that is why I love her so much.
Plus, she is hilarious.
And many years ago, Katie introduced me to Lululemon and 
sent me a big box of Lulu essentials.
And...(one more thing), Katie's husband and brothers started Rhone.
It's like Lululemon for men.
It's amazing.
Katie is pretty much amazing, and if I am going to stand next to a fire,
I am glad it's with this group.

Happy Weekend!

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