Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Next Best Thing

Christian has spent a significant amount of time at the ranch 
throughout March, April, and May. 
He has been preparing the cattle for pasture and
has needed to be almost exclusively in New Mexico.
My sweet parents have been so great to take me
 and the Little Nies under their wings.  
We've been to their house in the evenings, and 
once during the week, we choose a different restaurant for dinner.
Dad drives my car, and I sit up front next to him.  
He'll talk to me about my days and what Christian is up to.
Mom sits in the back with the Little Nies, talking to them about
 school and friends and summer prospects.
If I can't have Christian- they are the next best thing.

I remember my Grandma Clark telling me about when her husband- my Grandpa, Don,
was killed in an airplane crash well before I was born.
At the time, my dad was only sixteen years old and the oldest among his seven siblings. 
Grandma was only thirty-eight.
Despite the difficult circumstances, my great-grandfather 
would take her on little dates to get ice cream. 
They would drive around town, talk, and cry together. 
Looking back, I appreciate how helpful and healing these 
moments were for my Grandma. It's incredible how our fathers 
can provide comfort and support when we need them the most.
Last week, after dinner, Dad drove us to Utah Lake, where we 
watched motorized paragliders skim the water below them.
There were sailboats, fishermen, families, and joggers.
Dad threw the football to Oliver while Lottie and Gigs looked for bugs.
It was a beautiful Spring evening in Utah.

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