Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Today after school, the Little Nies waltzed through the door with full backpacks.
They had cleaned out desks and lockers.
I feel like being sad for a minute.
I am excited about the summer and easier schedules, but so sad my 
children are growing up so fast.
Claire will be in HIGH SCHOOL next year.
I remember being a freshman like it was yesterday.  
I totally remember what I wore on the first day of school,
who I liked and exactly how I felt.
This blows me away.
Tonight after dinner, Oliver went to the hill near our house to
 meet up with some girl//friends.
Jane sat on my bed with the binoculars spying on him.
"Mom, should I call him in now?
A few minutes pass.
He's been up there for almost an hour. Should I call him in?"
A few more minutes pass.
"Ok, Mom, it's been long enough- don't you think he should come in now."

As I watched Jane spy on Ollie, I couldn't help but feel a surge of pride. 
It was a heartwarming moment to know that my
children had formed a genuine bond with each other.
And that they might actually like each other!

* * * *

(I won't be available to chat through today,
Please come back next week! )

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