Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Odds and Ends

Can you spot Mr. Nielson?

Mr. Nielson is headed back to the ranch today for a few weeks.
He is going to get the heifers pregnant...well, through AI.  
It's quite a process, and his L O N G blue gloves are pretty legit.
In his truck, buckled in a seat belt (seriously),
 is a large tank of liquid nitrogen with semen inside from a sturdy bull named
 "Churchill Montana," who resides in Montana.
In nine months (give or take), we will have a bunch of little
calf's galloping around headquarters. 

The Little Nies all finish up the 2015-16 school year on 
Thursday, and then we will
drive to New Mexico to join Christian at the ranch and help out.
Before he left, I asked him to do about thirty tasks
 around the house that I didn't want to do, like
changing light bulbs in hard-to-get places like in the showers & oven.
put the chain back on Lottie's bike, and tighten a few things.
It's so nice to have a strong man in the house.
(I said that in my Mrs. Potato voice).

Last night, we gathered the Little Nies on the couch before family prayer. 
We had a serious talk with them and encouraged them to stay focused
 during these next few days as school ends and while Dad is gone.
No teasing, making messes, skipping out on chores, staying up late, 
and being late to school. 
We can do it!


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