Monday, May 23, 2016


Christian planned a lovely overnight stay for us at Waldorf Astoria in Park City.
He's been at the ranch for two weeks.
 Welcome home, honey! Nice beard.
As we were driving up Provo Canyon, Christian finally revealed our destination, 
which was about thirty minutes away from town. 
The spring season had turned the mountains into a
 beautiful sight with delightful shades of green. 
We reached the stunning hotel and completed our check-in process 
before heading to our room. As soon as we stepped into our room, 
we opened the balcony doors and never closed them, 
even when a massive thunderstorm struck. 
Surprisingly, the storm felt cozy and romantic, 
and we welcomed it with open arms.
We had a peaceful dinner at the hotel restaurant, savoring delicious
 dishes such as truffle fries, quinoa beet salad, and homemade desserts. 
Although I adore my children, there is something 
so satisfying about eating slowly and quietly.

But I constantly received text messages from the Little Nies 
at home and eventually had to silence my phone. 
Here are some favorites with captions:

"Can we please keep him?"

"Mom, show dad":

"Mom, look at this cool photo- and look at my hairrrr"

"Mom, when are you coming home?
I think I have allergies":

"Mom, look at this.  
I am walking downstairs with Claire's phone":

"Mom, I am trying an experiment and put
that one is in salt water. 
It's grown like 10 inches already":

"Mom, what monkey do you like best?":

"Mom, Lottie is eating Cheetos again":
  I really wish I could get away like this every month...

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