Monday, March 14, 2016

I got this.

Every night before bed, we all kneel  
near the couch at the top of the stairs near the Nies bedrooms.
We take turns praying out loud to God, thanking Him for our day,
for our blessings, for our lives, and for our Savior.  
We ask for more patience, love, strength, and charity.  
I opened my eyes last night during our prayer and surveyed my children
who have gathered around and on top of Mr. Nielson.
(Lottie's eyes opened).  
They were snuggled close to his body as they listened to 
him pray and speak to Heavenly Father.
Mr. Nielson is returning to the ranch in New Mexico for another week.
He will become "Cowboy Mr. Nielson" and lift heavy things, 
build stuff, and work the cattle.
While he is away, my days become full and busier than usual.  
I am tired--no, exhausted without him around.  
Days are long and nights longer.  
Thanks to Vivint, my Walther P22 got this. 

Mr. Nielson and I just sent another batch of copies of The Book of Mormon
to those who have requested to receive one.
If you are interested in getting a copy to read and understand
more about what members of Jesus Christ's church know, 
go HERE--I'll send you one anywhere in the world!
No strings attached.

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