Friday, March 11, 2016

Dear Diaries....

Yesterday, while going through some boxes in our basement,
I came across my old journals.  I couldn't stop laughing!  
They are hilarious!  I thought it would be fun to compare journal dates
with Claire and Jane when we were all the same age on the same day.
With their permission (and a little editing)
presenting March 11th in 1991, 2013, & 2014.

-Stephanie Clark, age 11
 March 11th, 1991
"Today I went to Subway with Courtney since it is her birthday 
and the mean girl who was working asked the person behind me "Can I help you?" 
 She skipped me.  At least she didn't call me a boy cuz that happens a lot too.  
I babysat Van today and love it so much.  I am going to babysit him 
every day while Katy goes to school in the summer. 
I can't wait! He is so cute and I love him so much.
 I start my first horse lesson tomorrow!  
I am excited! I've done really well on my YW personal progress booklet. 
 It's fun.  I am listening to Carly Simon "Do The Walls Come Down". 
 Dad and the brothers are in LA at a Dodgers game  
It's fun just having the girls home!  
Well, see ya.
Cub signing off!"  
-Claire Nielson age 11
 March 11th, 2013
"I am in bed right now.  I am really bored but tomorrow is the 5th grade
dance practice, and I MIGHT talk to my secret admirer. 
 I am still thinking about it, even though everyone says 
I should, but I don't think he even
likes me anymore. And even if he does, its still kind of awkward.
He wrote me a love note, and it was so sweet. So I think I will.

-Jane Nielson, age 11
 March 11th, 2014
"I ski, and this is the WORST ski season ever.  
All it is is skiing on slush and ice, and it's horrible.
I got a ski teacher and his name ski Frank and the kids in my class are 
Isabelle, Blake, Harriet, Emma, and Taylor 
(who is in a class with 5th graders but is the best skier ever) and 
Oliver has a crush on her because she is really cute so ya, ski school 
is really fun the next thing I am going to write about is:
 I went to my friend Isabelle's birthday party, and it was so much fun!    
Ok so I know that this was forever ago, 
but it was really fun and we went to Arizona and stayed
 with Livvy and Avrey it was really fun. 
Also we moved into a brand new house it is the best ever."
* * * * * * * * *
Happy Weekend!
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