Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Dr. Claire Nielson

 Last week, I checked my girls out of school to
 join me at my check-up with Dr. Jensen.
Mr. Nielson "tagged" along because he had a few skin tags (get it?) 
that he needed to be removed.  
He said it was OK to use "skin tag" in this post because usually
 "skin tag" is kind of embarrassing to admit to having.
Anyway, Claire has always been especially fascinated with medicine.  
She plans to take herself into the medical world after high school.
Dr. Jensen asked Claire to assist her in removing her father's skin tags.
First, he showed her how to administer the lidocaine, 
which she successfully numbed
several spots on her own. It was impressive.  
Next, Dr. J helped Claire gear up in sterile gloves.
Jane was sitting in the corner of the room, white as a ghost, but helpful
nonetheless, like reminding Claire she was left-handed and other valuable tips.
Claire snipped, dabbed, and snipped some more, and the tags disappeared.
There was very minimal bleeding, and Mr. Nielson is recovering nicely.
Claire was taught the surgeon's celebratory glove removal, too. 
This is when a Doctor finishes a procedure, removes his/her gloves, 
and slings the gloves in the garbage can.
I've seen it done hundreds of times in ER, my favorite show.
 Then Dr. J put Claire to work by cleaning up some tools before 
being sent off to be sterilized.
Today was one for the books, and Claire was so excited she
 didn't stop smiling for hours.
Proud of you, girl, your future is bright!

And Dr. Mark Jensen is the best.

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