Monday, November 17, 2014

Career Day for Claire

It was "Job Shadow Day" at Claire's middle school last week.
Claire has expressed to me several times her desire
 to be a labor and delivery nurse.  
She has had many discussions with nurses and some
 doctors that we know about her goal.
They told her what to know and how to prepare for this career.  
But she has also told me that her ultimate goal is to be a mother.
I am proud of her desire to care for and nurture her children. 

I woke Claire up early (as I do) and she helped me prepare lunches 
for the other Little Nies.
She helped me make breakfast and get the children out the door for school.
After we dropped them off, she and I drove to the Y trailhead, 
and together we hiked, just as I do every morning.
We talked about what she was learning at school, 
what she was enjoying at school, and her thoughts about some of her teachers.
I told Claire that all mothers mother differently, and together with
God, they become successful mothers.
With God, they will succeed no matter their background or culture, or lifestyle.

I told her that my desire to be a mother started at a young age.  
I prepared to be a mother by making wise choices early on, 
and I tried to develop my innate domestic qualities.  
I also tried to create good habits of exercise and healthy eating choices
 early so I could be happy while I mothered;
happy with myself and with my family.

Growing up, I never felt ashamed to admit to anyone that I wanted to be a mother.
Motherhood has blessed my life beyond my comprehension.
 I have learned some very valuable lessons that have stretched
and challenged me in ways I never knew I was capable of.
My children were the motivation that I needed to get better from my accident.
At night when I was in the hospital, I would visualize myself changing
diapers, making dinner, holding hands, dressing, and mugging on my children.
I got well because of my 'mother heart'.
I told Claire that no matter what she wanted to be in life, 
a mother is a very, very important goal. 
Later that morning I took her to my friend Susan's office.  
Susan is the founder of Freshly Picked and makes adorable
leather moccasin shoes for babies and children. 
Claire asked Susan some questions about her business like;
 what she likes about her job, and what she dislikes about her job.
Anyway, since  Lottie was with us, she tried on about 40 shoes, 
ate 5 cookies, and bossed Susan around her own office.
After we went to lunch where we had another good conversation about politics.  
I told her that somewhere here in this great country there is mother 
who is raising a future president of the United States.  
That mother is contributing greatly to this boy or girls life,
and helping them make wise choices now (hopefully)
so they can be a moral and wise leader.
Mothers are brave.  Mothers are powerful, and mothers change lives.

Before I tucked into bed, I asked Claire to read this talk by Julie B. Beck.  
I am anxious to hear her thoughts. 
 I hope she will reference these words from this talk as she grows and develops.

"I was recently at a park where I met a group of women with mother hearts. 
They were young, covenant-keeping women. 
They were bright and had obtained advanced degrees from respected universities. 
Now they were devoting their considerable gifts to 
planning dinner that evening and sharing housekeeping ideas. 
They were teaching two-year-olds to be kind to one another. 
They were soothing babies, kissing bruised knees, and wiping tears. 
I asked one of those mothers how it came about that she could transfer her talents 
so cheerfully into the role of motherhood.
 She replied, “I know who I am, and I know what I am supposed to do. 
The rest just follows.” 
(FYI: Lottie brushed my hair as I wrote this post. 
 It felt so good.)
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