Monday, November 03, 2014

Halloween 2014

  The Nielson family Halloween 2014:
Claire: A teenage witch
 Jane: Annie
Oliver: Surgeon; Dr. Caruso, one of my burn surgeons
Nicholas: Fighter pilot (with mustache)
Charlotte: Olivia, the pig.
And Mr. Nielson and I just wear masks every year.
Before the trick-or-treating begins, we have our spooky family dinner.
Always complete with pumpkin-shaped bread bowls and my famous chili.
Mr. Nielson adds dry ice to the root beer
and The Sweet Tooth Fairy's darling cupcakes for after dinner.
(Because we need more sugar).
Halloween this year was perfect.  
The weather was perfect, and it was pretty darn 
perfect that Halloween landed on a Friday.
That meant that we could all stay out late and eat candy by the fire together
after an entire evening of trick-or-treating, knowing we didn't have to
rush off to bed.
It also meant that Mr. Nielson and I could 
watch a spooky movie (I am Legend) together, snuggled in our bed.
It was also perfect because I felt healthy. I saw my 
children excited about the holiday and dressing up.
 And we all loved watching Lottie experience it all.
We are always so lucky to have Justin come and 
photograph our significant life events, and
Halloween is definitely one of those days.

 All together now...
Oh, and let's not forget the Primary 
 Halloween bike ride/parade after school:
I want my children to be happy; I want them to remember that our family 
was always their best support and their best friends.
I want all family life and events- happy, complex, challenging, 
and even difficult- to be their best memories. Ever, because 
together we can do anything.

 The End.

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