Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Burn Center Visit.

Today I told the Little Nies we were all going on a field trip.
Mr. Nielson and I drove to the Arizona Burn Center in Phoenix.
The same burn center where Mr. Nielson and I spent months 
hanging on to dear life and months recovering and learning to live again.
The Little Nies spent the afternoon in the hospital
 gardens walking Lottie around in the stroller. 
They also scored some fun coloring books and crayons to enjoy while
Mr. Nielson and I chatted with some fellow 
burn survivors who are still bedridden. 
It needs to be said that burns are horrible and painful.  
They are the worst.

I know that we can overcome anything with the help of God.
That is my message, and that is my story.
I am where I am today because I fought hard to improve.
It was hard, frustrating, sad, and painful, but possible.
It's possible because God loves me and puts people in my life like Deb
(one of my very, VERY favorite nurses),
who encouraged and supported me in my time of need.
I want to do that for others.

After we met up with the children, Deb made
Ollie's dreams come true when she gives him a burn gown, gloves, and goggles
to take home.  He is an inspiring burn surgeon, and he was in heaven.

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