Friday, January 03, 2014

The Nielsons move

I only broke three plates, one frame, and a glass jar.
It has been a very bittersweet past few weeks while Mr. Nielson and 
I have packed up the Briar house.
This sweet house has been filled with healing, peace, traditions, color, love, 
and best of all, we brought Lottie home here after she was born!
It was so hard to actually turn off the lights and lock the door and know 
I'd never come back.
I think I have major PTSD from that one time I did that and 
Of course, I am excited to move to FoxHill, and 
we'll be in the same neighborhood after all!
But The Briar House has been so good to us, and many people spent time 
preparing it for us to move into after the accident.
Here are some photos I took over the last few days 
as we moved and what I am going to miss:

*The empty dining room and the chandlers.

*The dutch front door Mr. Nielson made and the wallpaper 
he put up two months after I came home from the hospital.

*Lottie's little seat attached to the bar looking out the window
towards our favorite neighbors, the Kendalls (and our pediatrician!):

*The messy garage 
(thanks, brother Jesse and Andrew, for helping us move}

*The girl's pink room downstairs:

*The cork floors:

*The basement revamp and the windows in the dining room/living room:
*The fireplace/mantel:

*Then we took the little Nies around the house before we said goodbye.
They cried and were sad, so I told them we could visit every room
 in the house, and I would take a pic of them.
And, so we did. (here are a few of those photos):

*the office:

The playroom:

*My bedroom, where Mr. Nielson took down the little note
he wrote me and tapped above my side of the bed.
It was to help encourage me out of bed on those tough mornings
when life was horrible and painful.
(Up to this point, moving wasn't too hard until this moment): 

And, yes, even the Chokie!:

Lots of tears!

The next morning, we spent all day watching the Lord of The Rings trilogy 
at my Mom's house in our pj's.

Have a great weekend!

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