Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgving plans

Today I am preparing to go to Arizona for Thanksgiving.
Packing five children is daunting, but I am so excited to see family, and 
we are staying with the Joneses'.
I love them- they are an extension of us and
 I foresee some classic late nights.
{photo by Justin Hackworth}

Remember this post?  
I posted about how my little family wants to help share our 
testimonies of Jesus Christ, and help you feel His love.
Last week I posted Claire's simple testimony of what she knows.
I will post the rest of the Little Nies decelerations for the next few days.
{As well as mine and Mr. Nielson's}.
I hope you enjoy these simple and beautiful words, and I hope
you do feel the love Christ has for you--His children.

Have a safe Thanksgiving!
Much love, 

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