Wednesday, November 20, 2013

We love you!


Dear Blog Readers,
This week for Family Home Evening we discussed this talk.
Our family wants to help every person young and
old feel the Saviors love-as we do.
I decide to utilize my blog to reach to you- wherever you are; in your homes, or at work, maybe you are checking this blog on your phone at the DMV.  Perhaps you live overseas, maybe you are on the computer, or in-between loads of wash and babies napping, (like me), or maybe you are at school- wherever you are, my Little Nies, Mr. Nielson, and I want to share with you what we know.
We hope that this knowledge will help you today- or tomorrow or- when you are discouraged and sad, frightened or lonely.
We hope that after reading this you will feel the
Savior a little more in your hearts and lives.
I sat down with each child at the kitchen table last night.
I typed, they spoke.
Before we began, I asked them to imagine a boy or girl about their same age who lives in Iceland, Germany, Mexico, or back in New Jersey and hope that this message will reach you.
Word-for-word (capitalization too) here is what my children know
and what they want to share with you.
{if you are unfamiliar with some of the language, please click on the links to clarify}

I will start with Claire. 
 {In the next few days I will share the others}

I am very excited to be able to express my feelings about this wonderful Gospel on my mom's blog.
I am extremely grateful for this opportunity, and I hope it helps someone.
I am so very grateful for the scriptures and what they do in my life.   
I am grateful for a living prophet, Thomas S. Monson, and the twelve apostles.
I am grateful for the missionaries and my friends and family. 
I am grateful for the Bishop in our ward. (who is also my uncle)
Above all, I am grateful for Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ. 
I love this gospel and I am honored to be a member of 
I am grateful I got to go to the temple and that I have a supportive family. 
I KNOW that the gospel is true.
I KNOW that the words of the scriptures are true.

Claire Elizabeth, age 12, 
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