Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sundance Film Festival

Last weekend, Mr. Nielson and I watched the documentary "Mitt".
 directed by Greg Whiteley at the Sundance Film Festival.

It is a beautiful film about a wonderful patriotic family and really, 
I didn't feel like it was about politics at all.
To me, the film is about a man (Mitt) and his family, 
his devotion to the country and to God.  
The relationships Mitt has with his five sons and his wife, Ann
throughout the film is what makes the film so moving and accurate.
Since I have had the honor of knowing the Romney family, the movie was very dear
 to my heart as I watched the emotions of those I know 
and care about being portrayed on screen.
 After it was all over, Mr. Nielson and I were excited to have a
 few quiet moments to meet the director and his sweet family.
We chatted about some of his experiences throughout the six years following 
and filming the Romney family.  We talked about his sweater and how it 
belonged to his late father and was his "lucky charm."
I also enjoyed talking to his beautiful wife Erin and 2 very bright children.

"Mitt" comes out on Netflix on January 24th.  You'll love it.
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