Tuesday, April 09, 2013

RIP Gerald

(I love this photo of Gerald, who lives inside one of my pink
hospital throw-up containers.)

I am home from the hospital.
It feels great to be back in my own bed! 
I'm feeling sore, but I'm grateful for good health in times like these.
I sometimes still take for granted how lucky I am to wake up, 
make my children breakfast, and send them off to school.
Or being able to sit at the table when they get home from school and help 
them with their homework.
Or let Lottie crawl on my stomach without any pain.
I will probably be down for a week.
I am grateful for the friends and family who have offered to help!
 {Gerald RIP}
Last week, while I was in the hospital, I got a text from Mr. Nielson
who sadly announced Gerald the toad's passing.
In honor of Gerald, here are some of my favorite photos of that dear little guy.

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