Friday, March 29, 2013

Hospital stay

Hey, I am in the hospital.
I was experiencing severe stomach aches yesterday.
These pains are connected to some trauma
I experienced in the accident 4 1/2 years ago.
We are getting it looked out and hopefully fixed. 
Surgery later today, I think.
I have been terribly nauseous too!
Have a good weekend.
This is NOT the kind of weekend I had in mind.
But here I am, nothing I can do about it.
I am so thankful for family and good friends who are picking up 
the pieces of my life; specifically the Little Nies and meals.

So, this hospital stay has confirmed a few facts for me:
 1. No more nursing Lottie.
I was away from her a whole day/night (sniff sniff)
2. Being so horrible nauseous, I remember why I hate being pregnant!
{I am NOT pregnant, but this nausea sure reminds me of those days}
I am not going to lie, I am feeling slightly depressed today.

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