Friday, October 22, 2010

Weekend strength

I think I did 300 loads of laundry today, and I just heard the dryer beep
 signaling to me that my duvet cover is clean and warm, and ready.
It's officially time for bed.
 I am so ready for some good shut-eye. I planted spring bulbs all afternoon. 
 I kept looking up at the towering mountains behind my home that
 are filled with autumn color and absolutely stunning.
 I love where I live. I do. I can't get over it. 
 I am getting the courage to get back up to hike the "Y" again. 
 After the crash, which scraped me up pretty bad 
(UPDATE: Dr. Caruso said I need new skin grafts on my knee. Bummer!). 
I am ready to get back to the mountain because it makes me happy.
Page came over today while I was planted bulbs.
 She swung in our tree swing and asked if I was up to hiking again. 
 I told her I was just thinking the same thing.
She suggested we go hiking together.  I think I'm ready.
 You should see how well I can bend down!
 My knees are starting to bend, and I am able to sit down on the floor without help. 
Tomorrow is yoga day.  I SO LOOK forward to yoga with Laura.
I want to push and work as hard as I can, to be at the level I was before the crash
maybe even better!!
2. Hey Arizona Peeps: (or whoever really): 
Have you ever wanted to be in a music video? Now is your chance! 
Mindy Gledhill needs women of all shapes, sizes, colors, ages, religious and cultural backgrounds to run with her in the 5K of the "Shun the Sun Race" in Mesa on Saturday, November 13th
 She will be filming part of the music video for her song "Whole Wide World." All proceeds from the race will be donated to build covered playground structures for elementary schools in Arizona
 Come as a mother/daughter duo! Sisters? Of course!" 
And yes, I will be there with my 2 beautiful daughters. 
Cool new video. I like this one too ;)

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